Sample Kulture

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Described by American Songwriter as “blurring–no, obliterating, the lines between jazz, synth-pop, and contemporary R&B,” Sample Kulture challenges the notion of what constitutes soul. Lush female vocals emerge from vinyl textures, lofi pianos, and crunchy synths in their debut LP Upstairs Headroom released August 2020.

SK’s deft production and jazz-inspired harmony emanates from producer/keyboardist Andrew Stephen. Vocalist Chrissy Renick lends her effortless, soulful voice to the sound, draping melodies across an ever-changing harmonic landscape. Sample Kulture pays homage to the textural possibilities and musical characteristics of sampling but employed by live musicians.

In Stephen’s own words: “The art of sampling has been around long enough that it has become part of the vernacular and generations of musicians who grew up listening to sample-derived music are imitating samples in the way they approach their instrument and their writing. It has come full circle and thus life imitates art.”